Save Up To $6,500.00 On Your Class IV Cold Laser Order!

Through 2023 when ordering two or more lasers you will receive:

These gigantic money makers will give you happy, pain-free patients, fewer no-shows, and more referrals!

A few of the results you will achieve include Cell Regeneration, Pain relief, Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth, Healing, Anti-Inflammation. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation, Improved Vascular Activity, Increased Metabolic Activity, Improved Nerve Function, and Stimulates Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points.

30 Watt or 60 Watt Class IV Cold Lasers

Specifications: Price differs per laser.

30-watt and 60-watt lasers



Imagine owning this Hands Free Dual Wavelength Cold Laser with I.C.E. software. This 30 W Hands Free Class IV Cold Laser, is one of the most powerful lasers available in the medical marketplace today for treating acute and chronic pain, and inflammation! With Laser Therapy patients seeing quicker results, faster treatments and improved outcomes. Laser Therapy increases the efficiency, when used with Decompression. With the HANDS FREE Class IV Laser, priced so low; there’s no reason for another patient to sit in pain, while waiting for the C.A. to administer laser treatment. NOW ONLY $14,999.00


Here are just a few of the results you will achieve: Cell Regeneration, Pain relief, Accelerated Tissue Repair and Cell Growth, Healing, Anti-Inflammation. Reduced Fibrous Tissue Formation, Improved Vascular Activity, Increased Metabolic Activity, Improved Nerve Function, and Stimulates Trigger Points and Acupuncture Points.

Upgrade option:

Now you can upgrade for an additional $4,000.00 giving you MORE POWER and More Options! For only $18,995.00! The Hands-Free is designed; for Hands-free treatment only. With the Prime System Plus upgrade, your Hands-FREE Dual Wavelength now has 650nm, 810nm, 915nm, 980nm all at once, and built-in I.C.E. software allows for a smooth and faster learning curve. This upgrade unlocks and adds additional features such as full attended capabilities, the ability to make and save treatments, adjust power levels, a special attachment upgrade free, plus much more. This Hands free laser come complete with everything you need. It comes with the free MEDRAY base unit, power cord, laser emitter, three pairs of laser glasses, laser sign, true touch emitter, all clinic forms, and a fantastic carrying case.

Class IV Dual Wavelength 810nm and 980 nm

30w of continuous power, 15w per wavelength of power for under $10,000.00!

Dual Wave Length


Therapy Acoustic Wave System


The Therapy System of Acoustic Wave represents cutting-edge technology in the field of Acoustic Wave Therapy. Not only is the Acoustic Wave Laser easy to use, but it also allows the doctor or therapist to control all settings through the emitter handle.

Benefits of the Shock Wave Therapy:

This Acoustic Wave comes with five different treatment tips that are easily inserted and removed. Our AW has some of the best treatment graphics of any AW on the market. These exceptional graphics not only show the body part and parameters but what treatment head is suggested.

All parameters can be edited as needed such as Hz or impulses per second, treatment time, and power levels. What makes the AW so amazing is that all treatment settings can be changed or edited on the emitter handle, meaning all parameters can be edited in seconds without having to stop the treatment and go to the base unit to do so. There is no footswitch as with most acoustic wave devices.

The Therapy System AW comes with a full one-year warranty, treatment manual, emitter covers, and all supplies needed to start treating patients immediately.


Doctor Testimonial“We are enjoying the DOC Decompression Table – so easy to use. I can see why people need multiple tables. I’ve only had my table a month and have already signed up 7 patients. Thanks Decompression Experts, you made the whole process painless.”
~ Dr. Dan Weymouth in California
Doctor Testimonial“Buying sight unseen from the internet is risky at best. After dealing with two shady website resellers, I was hesitant about contacting another. Zelta and Decompression Experts were wonderful and professional to work with. When I had questions, she made sure I received answers from experts in the field. We received our DOC Decompression Table ahead of schedule and have been more than pleased with it! I would highly recommend Zelta and Decompression Experts”
~ Chad in North Dakota
“I have worked with Zelta for several years now. She is an absolute gem! We purchased a Decompression Table from her two years ago and the install was perfect. She definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you're taken care of from start to finish. If you haven’t worked with Zelta and Decompression Experts, please give her a chance to earn your business, you will not be disappointing. I know when our office expands and needs more equipment Zelta will be our first call. ”
~ Dustin J. Hedstrom, D.C.
“We purchased a DOC Spinal Decompression Table from Decompression Experts for our clinic and started from scratch with Double Your Decompression in house patient marketing. Within the first month we had scheduled twenty new consultations. By month two our table was full every day from twelve to five. We are now going into the third month and have to extend our hours to accommodate all the new patients we have gotten from this program.”
~ Florida
“Decompression Experts delivered my DOC Decompression Table just as promised. The table arrived in near perfect condition just as they said it would. The marketing program that I got for free with the table has given me everything I need to be successful at spinal decompression from the very first day I started.”
~ Texas
“Decompression Experts sold me a great DOC Cervical and Lumbar combo at the best price I could find. As a bonus for paying for the equipment in advance, I received the marketing package free. I have already filled the first combo up. A few more patients and I will need another table which I will definitely buy from Decompression Experts.”
~ CA

One-year End-to-end Warranty

Shop confidently knowing your DOC Spinal Decompression Table is covered for one year for both parts and labor.

Parts Warranty

One year on frame, electrical components, foam, upholstery, moving components, hardware, and accessories

Labor Warranty

Labor covered on repairs in 1st year

new spinal decompression table

About Us

Decompression Experts has been in the business of buying and selling decompression equipment for over a decade. Our company offers the highest quality service in delivery, training, and repairs. Our long-term goal has remained the same since our company was founded, to consistently provide high quality, innovative new tables like the DOC and best possible deals on used spinal decompression tables at the lowest, out of pocket possible.

DOC Decompression offers the highest quality in warranty and best price guarantee, the DOC Cervical/Lumbar Decompression Table has become our bestselling table. With a full one your end to end warranty, and our Elite Marketing Program, it brings to you everything you need to get started in Spinal Decompression. This will allow you to get a solid return on your investment with one of the world's most effective spinal decompression tables without having to pay an arm and a leg... That’s why this table has been called “the best table for your money”.

In addition to getting “the best table for your money”, when you purchase a Decompression Table or Laser from our company Today, We Feed a Hungry Child Tomorrow. Our company cares about our customers and our communities. For every Decompression Table or Laser you purchase, we donate a percentage of our profit to provide a nutritious meal to a hungry child, through LIFE Outreach International. Please help us hit our goal of 1 million meals this year.

What's more, when you purchase our equipment, we are able to donate to ward the expense of medical care for kids with life-threatening medical conditions, and we've provided clean drinking water for thousands in third-world countries, through our partnership with LIFE Outreach International. Once a year we partner with churches to help give away truckloads of new back packs filled with new school supplies, to children starting back to school. We believe in giving so that “no child is left behind.”

It’s customers like you that allow us to give back.

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